We aspire to create spaces where aesthetics meet functionality

we are

– Mission

WeMakeProjects consists of people with years of experience, unique perception and significant expertise that enable them to provide solutions in every level of the construction process. WeMakeProjects was created to bring a holistic approach in the construction and conceptual design industry. Starting from the very concept of a building, we follow through until your project is completed.

WeMakeProject draws the lines around what the clients picture and imagine, shaping it in a form that assists the clients articulate what they really want. We then move on to construction and decoration to finally deliver the project built from the client’s ideas, aesthetics and purpose of usability. Our mission is to help the clients decide what suits them best, and accompany them every step of the way to the end of the construction journey, till they have the keys to their dream project in their hands.

You enter with an idea, you walk out with your project delivered.


– Vision

Our respect and love for the environment defines our vision, which is to make projects that are harmoniously blended in the natural and urban landscape. We strive to create concepts, buildings and establishments that are uniquely integrated in the greater environment, forming a euphony that adds value to both the new construction and its surroundings. With use of eco-friendly material and renewable energy practices we invest in the environment, by suggesting holistic solutions that become a part of the larger setting and inspire for a greener lifestyle.