A team of creative and experienced individuals

with decades of experience in construction and decoration.

A strong network of skilled contractors who have a proven track record of successfully tackling every single construction project they have dealt with.

A group of people who love what they do, who love what they make.


Born in Chania, with studies in Athens and England (Aktos Art & Design College and Middlesex University respectively), Iosif has developed extensive experience in the design and decoration of both internal and external spaces. With a large and volatile portfolio, his work includes decoration of houses as well as design business and professional spaces. His goal is to enhance every business through a unique design and to imprint the user personality in every home, with the creation of comfortable and beautiful spaces, while at the same time staying true to functionality and aesthetics.


After twenty years of experience in the construction industry, Benny is the technical expertise of WeMake. With significant experience in every stage and part of the construction process, he has developed tremendous expertise and guarantees the effective application of thermal insulations, the creation of prefabricated buildings as well as the integration of new technologies in the construction process. He has a proven track record and experience in renovation of buildings and hotels, while he also has significant portfolio in villas construction as well as the construction of commercial stores.

the makers