Prefabricated Buildings

why should I choose prefabricated houses?

- they are certified constructions

They guarantee soundproofing, protection against humidity and all things provided comply with current legislations and building regulations.

- metal buildings

– High rate of earthquake resistance
– Sound insulation
– Thermal insulation
– Durability
– Short installation time on site
– Low cost
– The work is carried out in a factory

- Wooden Buildings

Prefabricated constructions of heavy type consist of mould forms which are connected with 25-40 cm spacers and are made of concrete.

– Guaranteed quality
– Standard industrial product that has received certifications
– Reduction of fees (IKA)
– Agreed cost and time
– Reduced Maintenance
– Reduced supervision costs
– Anti-seismic construction
– Possibility of visible concrete facades
– Zero disruption on the construction site.